Nit Pick Chick Lice Removal

Nit Pick Chick Lice Removal in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell

Due to an upcoming surgery and recovery, Nit Pick Chick is going to be closed through February. I may be able to open sooner depending on how my recovery goes. My apologies for the inconvenience.


As a Registered Nurse with 7 years of school nursing experience, I have seen my fair share of families try to mount the fight against lice…and lose. Let me help you win! We use no chemicals on your kid’s head and guarantee your kid to be lice and nit free. Let this nit pick chick fight the battle for you! Comfortable in home environment that is guaranteed to set you and your kiddos minds at ease and send you home lice free.

How it Works

We use manual combing & nit-picking. It’s natural and safe and the only guaranteed head lice removal method.

Worldwide pediculosis experts confirm that mechanical removal with a comb is the safest and most effective way to treat head lice and prevent re—infestation. When done correctly, thorough combing completely removes both lice and nits. For an untrained person, this could take several hours over the course of several days. There are no short cuts to complete removal. Other over the counter and prescription lice removal methods and products have proven to be less effective and sometimes completely ineffective.


$150 per head (up to 3 hours) — free re-check and re-treat one week after initial treatment.

$25 for each addition 30 mintues (rarely needed).

Free lice checks on all family members with treatment purchase.

Lice checks are $10—fees are applied to the cost of service.